market-percentagesWe produce custom cabs, ROPS, and operator protection for off-highway equipment manufacturers in the agriculture, construction, sport utility, mining, forestry, and turf care industries. And we’ve done it since 1962. All that experience means we know the working men and women who use your products—and what they need to protect them from safety risks and nature’s harshest elements.

In an industry that’s built on providing safety and certainty, why risk going anywhere else?


Custom Products works with people who have the same passion for their products as we have for ours. Our customers value our expertise in cab product design, governing standards and specifications and certification services. Our niche is customers with volumes from 100 – 1000 with aspirations to aggressively grow in their respective markets.


We strive to provide product on time and on schedule while maintaining the maximum level of flexibility. Typically, customers provide a 12-month or longer forecast, enabling us to manage workflow, and communicate effectively with our second tier supply base.

Management of long lead time items and raw materials is critical to the process, assuring prod­uct can be produced and available on demand. To avoid the risk and expense of maintaining excessive inventory, we have established guidelines leading up to product delivery. This baseline agreement typically provides the level of flexibility and protection you need to satisfy your planning and delivery process, as well providing the safeguards that help create win-win partnerships.