Smart manufacturers rely on us to provide a full range of design, testing and manufacturing services. This comprehensive service helps achieve the highest product quality cost-effectively. Our extensive program management protocol means your project receives thorough, consistent attention throughout the entire process. Our capabilities are outlined below.


  • Laser, plasma and flame cutting processes
  • Shearing and sheet metal forming
  • A wide range of tube cutting and bending capabilities


  • Robotic and manual MIG and TIG welding as well as resistance welding
  • Various metal preparation processes including blasting and grinding


  • Fully automated and batch cleaning and painting systems with powder coating and wet painting with curing capabilities


  • Full assembly services ranging from electrical wiring installation to interior upholstering including heaters, air conditioners and many other accessories
  • Packaging processes including small parts packaging, boxing, crating and pallets


Service doesn’t end with manufacturing. We provide all packaging, shipping, and warehousing services your product requires.

Our on-site, customized crating is built with certified materials that meet or exceed national and international shipping requirements. When quantities justify, we’ll design returnable pallets for re-use. We provide timely shipping for your cabs and ROPS, using all major truck lines—and pass our shipping savings on to you.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you manage your shipping costs.