Since 1962, we have produced custom cabs, ROPS, and operator protection for the off-highway industry. We were founded on a respect for working men and women, and the profound belief in their need for protection from nature’s elements and on-the-job hazards. You get peace of mind, knowing that the operators of your equipment are safe, protected, and comfortable.

Our mission: To make better products that are superior in style and functionality. We look at every project through the eyes of the operator, dealer, installer, and manu­facturer to ensure you get the best looking, best fitting and best functioning product possible. And that’s important, because attractive, quiet, better functioning equipment and our long list of accessories encourages operators to use their safety features as they were intended.

Our engineering staff has immense industry knowledge and experience, with more than 90 years collectively in the industry. We ensure proper application of industry standards, and can ad­vise, educate, and counsel you on how to best apply those standards to your products. We have conducted close to 1,000 ROPS certification tests in our in-house ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited testing laboratory to applicable standards across all off-highway markets.

By constantly re-engineering ourselves to stay on the cutting edge, Custom Products’ people are widely respected industry experts, serving on standards development committees such as OHSA, SAE, ASABE, ISG, and ANSI.


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