Custom Products is a privately held, financially-stable business located in Litchfield, MN. The company was founded in 1959 in response to local building construction contractors that required reliable metal fabricators. The first product produced by the company was rafter sockets.

Shortly after opening his business, founder Arvid Reinke was approached by a local farmer with an idea for a cab enclosure for his tractor. The core product of the business immediately changed to cab products, and ever since, Custom Products has been focused on cabs and operator protective structures.

The business grew quickly, and in 1965 moved to our current location. In 1972, Custom Products completed the test laboratory and conducted our first ROPS certification test. The company continued to expand and invest in technology and resources. Tube bending competencies were added in 1981; computer aided design and laser cutting in 1985; MRP software was added in 1988.

In 1995, we innovated again, with the 5-star Engineering Apprentice Program, which invests in the community by helping students thrive in the engineering disciplines. Numerous patents have been issued for the many innovative design solutions developed by the engineers at Custom Products.

In the last 20 years, Custom Products has added solid modeling design software (both Pro/E and Solid Works), robotic welding and a power and free conveyor supported powder coat paint system.

Today, Custom Products supplies cab products to both original equipment manufacturers and to the aftermarket. Combined with a broad spectrum of diverse markets this balance stabilizes the business.

Throughout 60+ years of operation, we’ve always believed in keeping pace with the latest technologies. Frequent capital expenditures ensure we remain competitive in the global market. We react quickly to volume increases and invest in the necessary inventories to launch new programs.